Lean iPhone Game Development: Day 10

July 20th 2011

It’s the night before I’m supposed submit this game to the iTunes App store. I don’t have a starting menu, I don’t have an icon, or a splash screen, and I only have some basic game mechianics working. What’s a

Lean iPhone Game Development: Day 3 & 4

July 15th 2011

Things have not been going well for this project. I’ve been encountering road-block after road-block. The past two days have been spent mostly reading documentation and tutorials…

Vino Veritas

July 13th 2011

There will be no “Day 3” on Day 3. It’s taking me forever to write about what I’m doing (I write slowly). And also, I’ve been social with friends today. Expect a digested post of Day 3 and Day