Lean iPhone Game Development: Day 3 & 4

July 15th 2011

Things have not been going well for this project. I’ve been encountering road-block after road-block. The past two days have been spent mostly reading documentation and tutorials.

Required Reading

For the most part, I’ve been reading and re-reading the Box2D manual. It’s a great library, which does all the heavy lifting for position calculation and collision detection. It feels really awkward to work with though. It’s been a while since I’ve touched C++, so the syntax is a bit unfamilliar. In addition, the C++ syntax looks gross sitting next to Objective-C.

I’ve also been reading through Ray Wenderlich’s Tutorials. This blog has several really great iPhone tuturials. Where it shines are the Cocos2D tutorials. There’s even a tutorial on how to build a Breakout Clone.

What happened to my frame-rate?

I was able to get the ball moving around the screen by removing gravity from the world (the physics context which objects move around the screen relative to). This eliminated the need to add a vector to the ball to balance out the world gravity. Progress.

But upon running this in the simulator, I noticed that the frame-rate had dropped from 60.0 FPS to 20.0 FPS. That’s not good. Especially when this is in the simulator.

I set up my provisioning profile and ran the code on my device. And just as I expected, it was much worse. 7.0 frames per second. Completely unusable.

So I’ve got a lot of work and experimentation ahead of me. Hopefully things will pan out.

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